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Established in 1878 Buln Buln Primary School is located 7kms north of Warragul in West Gippsland and has served the educational needs of the district ever since. 182 students currently enjoy a beautiful heritage building set between modern flexible learning spaces and a multipurpose room, handsome grounds, excellent play areas, significant established trees and a native revegetation project.  The school also offers a successful Out of School Hours Care program. Our children are grouped into eight classes and enjoy specialised teaching for Art, Japanese, Library, Music and STEAM.  Children are supported by 11.01EFT teaching staff and 2.67EFT education support and administration staff, together with a 0.4EFT School Chaplain. All are fully qualified, talented and dedicated to helping each child achieve their potential in a supportive environment. A process of continuous improvement through personal and professional development provides for effective teaching. Our community is special. Parents care and take up many opportunities to be involved in their school through School Council, Parent Club and the myriad of activity associated with happy and vibrant schools. Our heritage and sense of involvement are regarded highly. The school values and utilises resources within the community and actively encourages students to recognise and draw on them. Our school motto, “Our children, our community, our future” represents well the core values of the Buln Buln Primary School. We look forward to showing you how.